"Gunsmith" - is a new application for hunters and shooters
About project
"Gunsmith" - is an app for hunters and shooters.
Inside the app users can find a gun handbook, news for gun owners and enthusiasts, discussions in chats about laws, tools to promotion legislative initiatives, and the score of the most active users.
What did our client want?
The main goal of our work was the attraction of users and increasing the number of downloads and authorizations in the app.

The first stage of our work
First of all, the niche of the customer was analyzed and the target audience was studied.
Further, we chosen the popular Russian social networks (VKontakte and Odnoklassniki) for promotion and created the communities there, because the audience of these social networks match with our tagret audience.
Also we prepared banners and texts, which were agreed with the customer.
Realization of the project:
For promotion, we searched for thematic groups about hunting and fishing.

Advertising, due to the specifics of the subject of the project, was placed on the VKontakte market platform and promotion posts was showed directly in thematic groups.

We also launched targeted advertising in MyTarget with the goal of "Application installation".

As an alternative, we created and launched promotion posts in the Odnoklassniki groups with a UTM-link to the install.

Contextual advertising was launched in Yandex Direct on a "pay per install" model. This ultimately allowed us to increase the number of installs and reduce the cost per install.


In total, we got 3016 installs from three channels in the difficult segment (weapon).

CTR of the promotion posts reached 40% in social network VKontakte.

Advertising in the VKontakte Market Platform gave a lot of cheap clicks.
These posts was published by group owner and subscribers were more loyal to it than to regular ads in the news feed.

The average indicators of the promotion period were:
CPC (cost per click) = 13.78 rubles (0.15 $).
CPA (cost per action) = 43.84 rubles (0.40 $).

Promotional posts in social network Odnoklassniki gave a few installs, but brought a lot of subscribers to the community with CPF (cost per follower) about 9.85 rubles (0.1 $).

In MyTarget (with the "Installation" goal) advertising gave a good result.

The average indicators for the promotion period were:
CPC (cost per click) = 3.52 rubles (0.03 $)
CPA (installation cost) = 31.43 rubles (0.3 $)

Contextual advertising in Yandex direct gave the most expensive results per install, with a relatively cheap click.

The average indicators for the promotion period were:
CPC (cost per click) = 10.01 rubles (0.09 $).
CPA (installation cost) = 137.86 rubles (1.3 $).
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